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100+ Hours

Flight experience from terrain of terai to harsh weather of mountains, our pilots have adequate experience.


Our packages are very customizable to make it fit to your requirement and budget.

New Tech

We are constantly upgrading our gears to give you the best in industry experience.


We can help you get permits to fly drone in any part of Nepal. Lets us take care of that hassle.

Our Drone Projects

Over the last 7 years we flew drones for numbers of International and Domestic partners. From harsh weather of Lo Manthang to disturbing surrounding of Gadhimai, our team flew drones with calm and focus.
10 Plus Clients
100 Plus Flying hours

Hiring a Drone in Nepal?

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has imposed strict law for use of drones in Nepal. Therefore, we we expect our clients to get all the permits to operate before hiring the drone and pilot. However, if you want us to handle the permit process we can do that too. Due to safety reason you have to hire the drone pilot along with drone.
Renting Charges depends on a lot of parameters. That is why, for your ease, we suggest you to talk to our team to get the quotation. Call us at +9779803190858 for support on drone.