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Social Media Marketing

We bring in a 360 degree approach to social media marketing. This helps us to aware and engage your potential customers. To add more, we are a strategy led digital agency in Nepal who understands the dynamic structure of social media. For better reach we use multiple platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. We execute in channel specific strategy to yield best results for your brand. Similarly, we use secondary marketing tools like: influencer marketing, cross promotion, moment marketing and tactical ads. As a result, it gives a unique approach to make your brand stand out from the rest.

Lead Generation

We believe the power of digital marketing does not lie just in awareness or engagement. There is a huge possibility of boosting sales through it. That is how, by identifying your possible customer and following a sales funnel process, a lot of business can be generated. Above all, we have been pioneers in the market to generate quality leads. Thus, as a partner we always execute to generate more revenue for you at minimum investment. For this we use different social media tools, google Adsense and other possible mediums and find ways to keep the cost per lead to minimum.

Content marketing

With every brand moving into digital advertisements there is a tough competition to stand out. As a result, all platforms are diluted and people have a tendency to ignore digital ads. That’s why we as a brand need to create compelling content to stand out from the rest. From creating infographics, blogs, memes, testimonials, user generated content and compelling videos we do it all. By resonating your brand’s story on these tools we stand out from the rest. To summaries, we generate organic results which is the best form to achieve the best ROI.

Analytics and Optimizations

All the campaigns we run are analyzed routinely to see what is performing well and what needs optimizations. This is a continuous process which we do to make sure we get the best results at the price. In addition, we share these analytics with you to show accountability of the executions. Apart from that, our team does regular competitor analysis. This helps us to see what the competitor is strategizing and how we can counter their approach. We understand that the success of a digital campaign is determined by the analysis and optimizations taken during the course of execution.

Let's work together

Our team of the most tech-savvy yet creative experts handle your digital marketing requirements. They create campaigns and constantly analyzing them to optimize them to yield the best results.