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In house team

We have in-house experts of cinematography, direction and editing. The team is always ready to get in action.

In-house gears

Unlike others we own latest and updated gears in-house so no hassle of renting. Always ready for rolling.

Experience Matters

Documentaries, TVC, Promotional Videos, Live broadcasting we have nailed everything. 7 years of production and counting.

Timely Delivery

All phase of production works smoothly. Hence we deliver your product to you in time earlier than expected.

Recent Projects

Cinematography is core operation of feature Studios. We constantly produce contents for number of partners.
100 + Projects
30 + Clients

Storytelling from core

We have worked with dozens of clients to produce hundreds of video projects. We have collaborated with filmmakers across the boarder to produce content from in-house studio to challenging outdoor locations.