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Standard Chartered Bank – Women Entrepreneurship Loan Series

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited has operated in Nepal since 1987 when it was initially registered as a joint-venture operation. Today, the Bank is an integral part of Standard Chartered Group having an ownership of 70.21% in the company with 29.79% shares owned by the Nepalese public. The Bank is the only international bank currently operating in Nepal. It is also the only Bank in Nepal accredited with an ICRANP-IR AAA rating by ICRA Nepal as the safest bank regarding timely servicing of financial obligations.

Meet Bimala Karki, a Safa tempo driver, and a beneficiary of the Bank’s subsidised Women Entrepreneurship Loan. With the financial assistance provided by the Bank, she purchased her own Safa tempo and plans to expand her business shortly. She now makes enough money to pay for her loan installments and operating costs, as well as her household expenses and children’s education.

Meet Sabita Koirala, a shop owner, who is a beneficiary of a subsidized female entrepreneurship loan. With Standard Chartered business banking loans, clients are supported with customized financial solutions, responsive services, and access to expert advice whenever they require it.