Drone Imaging at Featre Studios

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Due of safety reason you have to hire the drone pilot along with the drone. Civil Avaition Authority of Nepal has imposed strict law for use of drones in Nepal therefor we expect our clients to get the licence to operate before hiring the drone and pilot. The guideline to operate drone in Nepal can be downloaded here .

Renting charges depends of lots of parameter, for you comfort we would suggest you to talk to our team to get the rates. Call us at +977 9845022694 for support on drone.

Why Feature Studios?

We have a team

We are a team of passionate and young people. We love to mix our diverse expertise to get most out of a project.

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We keep ourselves up to date with recent trends. That is why every time we do come up with creative ideas.

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We have been working in this industry for past 6 years. We learn from our experience.