Art meets Technology, Creative Solution, An awesome team

What do we do?


Product, Event, Portfolio, Wedding and Fashion Photography.

Web Design

From simple landing page to complex web projects.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Ads are new market.


Infographics videos to Animated characters


TVC, Music Videos, Documentaries and Movie.


We help you to build your brand one step at a time.

Audio Production

Perfectly arranged score for your projects.


Asstisting and collaborating on projects.

Photography & Cinematography

From perfectly taken product photographs to convincing documentaries, our photographers and filmmakers create art with light on a daily basis. Be it the best in photographic equipment or the most advanced in post-processing technology, we spare no effort to deliver the most convincing images each time, every time.

Music Production

Give your audience the best listening experience with our finely tuned audio production workflow. Whether it is a well composed background score or convincing narration, our sound engineers will help you communicate better. Our industry standard hardware and software tools along with highly skilled audio professionals will make sure you make the best impression.

Web Design and Development

Through a perfect marriage of bleeding edge technology and high art, we create websites, web services and web apps that are beautifully designed, ergonomic and delightful to experience. Using the latest frameworks and best practices or by completely tailoring a solution to your needs, we deliver nothing but the best and the most efficient in web services.

Brand Identity Design

With meticulous attention to typography, proportions and colours, we create impactful layouts and illustrations. Our obsession with minimal and modern design trends is never-ending which results in our Brand Identity Packages, Promotional Materials and Artworks being evocative, impactful and simply a pleasure to behold.

Why Feature Studios?

We have a team

We are a team of passionate and young people. We love to mix our diverse expertise to get most out of a project.

We have ideas

We keep ourselves up to date with recent trends. That is why every time we do come up with creative ideas.

We have experience

We have been working in this industry for past 6 years. We learn from our experience.